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Kemet or km.t, which means black land, likely referring to the fertile black soils of the Nile flood plains, distinct from the deshret (dšṛt), or “red land” of the desert 𓉐 𓂀 𓊹 (Source: Wikipedia)

As one of the most ancient civilizations in the history of the world, Egypt will always remain a popular cultural travel destination.

Hany and his family are rooted in Nazlet el Semman, an old section of Al Haram neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza. A profound appreciation of ancient Egypt is part of his family roots. The family has always been active in local tourism and retail enterprises throughout Egypt. In 2016, Hany met his Dutch wife Inge, and together they have settled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays they live alternately in Amsterdam and Cairo.

In 2017, Hany and his family founded the Pyramids Valley Boutique Hotel, located just a footstep away from the Sphinx. Inspired by the opportunity to share the beauty and wisdom of ancient Egypt with travelers from around the globe, Hany expanded this idea by founding Kemet Experience as an affiliated Dutch based registered tour operator.

Kemet Experience offers private excursions, tour packages and tailor made trips throughout Egypt. Accompanied by a great team of Egyptology and tour guides, aiming to engage cultural travelers with knowledge of ancient Egypt whilst offering an excellent present-day travel experience.

In 2022, Hany decided to leave the family business to seize the opportunity of opening Kemet Boutique Hotel nearby. Kemet Boutique Hotel currently features:

  • 12 comfortable, classically styled single and double rooms on the 4th and 5th floor
  • Several balconies with a direct view of the Great Pyramid about 800 meters away
  • A welcoming rooftop Sky Lounge on the 6th floor, with a spectacular view over the North-East side of the Giza Plateau.

Kemet Boutique Hotel and Kemet Experience promise you a home away from home during your journey of discovery, exploring Cairo’s ancient treasures and unraveling the many mysteries of Egypt’s ancient past. We are looking forward to bringing you the authentic Egyptian hospitality, organized with Dutch reliability.